We have all the best odds at race tracks around the world.


Man’s want or need for competition is contained deep within us. In school and among our friends from a very young age we play games in an attempt to be victorious over our opponents. And it certainly is no secret that school sports in every school accross the world has high enthusiasm among local communities with families all pulling together and wanting “their” team to win.

When we talk about the desire to win that is deep seated in us and discuss those feelings in the same conversation while discussing betting on sports and in particular betting on racing whether that be auto racing such as Nascar or Formula 1, Greyhound Racing, or Horse Racing wanting to win takes on a whole new meaning since now there are also financial gains or losses depending on your choices.

Armed with the extreme desire to win, now let’s take a look at how we can increase our chances or our odds of winning. Finding the best track odds you can is often quite a task, but we have simplified that for you as much as possible.

We have thoroughly taken a close look at the many online sportsbooks that carry racing action and studied their odds and have put together a list of trusted bookies who we felt comfortable to recommend.

We investigated whether they carried odds that were fair to their bettors, and we also looked into their backgrounds. By that we mean we checked the many player forums and sites scattered accross the internet that are sounding boards for players of casinos and sportsbooks, looking for patterns of problems with players getting paid or accusations unfairness that were not taken care of.

Obviously almost all online operators are going to get complaints (just like any business would) but we watch closely for patterns of those operators that have fewer complaints and those that take care of customer complaints and make their payments on time as promised when players win and want to collect their winnings. Only those we feel do a good job of that will ever get our recommendations here at Track Odds.

Take a look at the chart below, we have listed a few of the most trusted books with the very best of track odds we could find. And when you find the odds you were looking for and, manage to score that big win on the ponies or maybe nascar at Daytona or Talledega, be sure to remember to tell your friends you found those odds here at Track Odds when you are boasting of your win to them.


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