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As a part of our regular research of odds and the sites that carry the best paying odds, we found that Nascar racing has grown so much that it was speculated that it has clearly become the 4th most popular professional sport in the United States.

One report I read stated the number of fans at now over 75 million from all over the world.

Since racing in general worldwide is so popular, we can honestly see the logic of this happening and have to agree with it.

Now we want to make sure not to forget that there is also Formula Racing with the most popular being Formula One cars which are single seat open wheel race cars. And we also give a mention for sports car racing. Look how big of an event and how long of a history the 24 hours of Le Mans is. That race has been taking place since 1923.

Brief History of Nascar Racing

Like we mentioned on the home page, man has always wanted to win, and it only makes sense that shortly after motorized vehicles were designed and built that man would want to use them in competitions and the concept of racing was born in the 1800’s.

According to a wiki we read the first “organized” race was in Paris in 1887 and was sponsored by a publication there. By the 1890’s racing had grown and some races boasted of more than 40 to 60 vehicles at the start.

By the early 1900’s racing had grown in the US and continued to grow and evolve just as the auto industry matured itself. Automakers came to realize that racing could be an important part of their future so they studied it.

By the 1940’s racing was starting to become much more organized and was gaining followers and fans. Then late in 1948 Nascar was formed and the first Nascar sanctioned race took place in Daytona Beach. Then in 1949 what they classified as the very first “stictly stock” car race took place.

And of course the sponsorships by both the automakers as well as business and industry leaders from many niches see professional race car sports as a way to get brand recognition and based upon their deep seated desires of wanting their teams to win, and thus gain more brand recognition from the fans, the sponsorship  $$ numbers have also continued to grow over the years.

And ever since that day Nascar and auto racing in general has continued to grow exponentially.

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